Introducing Total Flask Insurance

Introducing Total Flask Insurance

Every Jacob Bromwell® Flask is built to withstand any adventure, but even the best craftsmanship has its limitations. Which is why we are proud to introduce the Jacob Bromwell® Total Flask Insurance! While our Lifetime Guarantee covers any manufacturing defect, our Total Flask Insurance covers anything and everything else!

For a small charge of 30% when ordering, you can add Total Flask Insurance to any of your future flask purchases. Whether you drop your flask in the ocean, run it over with your Jeep, or simply lose it while camping - we've got you covered. No deductible, no questions, no BS. Just shoot our customer care team an email for a free replacement.

Terms: Total Flask Insurance is valid for one free replacement only. Coverage includes any major damage to the flask (minor scrapes and dents would not apply) or the flask being completely unrecoverable (stolen, lost, etc...)

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