Save 56% on September’s Product of the Month-Lexington Money Clip!

Save 56% on September’s Product of the Month-Lexington Money Clip!


Sick of carrying a lumpy wallet or purse jammed with cards you don’t even use? An elegant money clip may be an attractive alternative. The Jacob Bromwell product of the month for September is our Lexington Money Clip. This stylish accessory has long been regarded as a symbol of high status. The money clip can tuck neatly into the breast pocket of a blazer or hide discretely in the side pocket of a pair of trousers.

Using the Lexington Money Clip is an easy and convenient way to handle your money. Cash is typically used, but credit cards can be used in combination with cash as well. Its slender design, ease of use, and sense of style make it a great choice for carrying your currency. As an engravable item, this clip can be individualized to add a personal touch to an everyday item. Handcrafted in the USA of pure, solid copper and available as a limited run, this money clip is how a true gentleman carries everything from bucks to Benjamins.

Step 1: Learn the basics of using a money clip. If you’ve never used a money clip before, use the instructions below.

Gather your paper bills and credit cards
Fold the bills in half
Push the bills (folded side first) into the clip. The prongs will hold them there.
Slide the credit cards under the prong
Put the money clip in your pocket
When you want to use your money, you can either reach in and grab a bill or pull the whole clip out and go through it.

Step 2: Stack your bills in order. Use your money clip like a pro. Start by grabbing your paper bills and making a small, neat stack from them. There are two options here:

Convenience: Put the bigger bills on the bottom and smaller bills on the top. This way, when you fold the bills over, it’s easy to pull small bills out of the clip from the middle when you need to make everyday purchases.
Security: Put the smaller bills on the bottom of the stack. This way, you’re advertising your smallest bills.


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