Why You Should Use a Flour Sifter When You Bake

Why You Should Use a Flour Sifter When You Bake

While most flour you buy at the grocery store comes pre-sifted, it's still a good idea to sift your flour using your Jacob Bromwell® Sifter anytime you're baking. Here's why:

  1. It aerates the flour. All-purpose flour has a very fine texture (doubly true for cake flour), which can cause it to clump together.  Sifting breaks up lumps and also incorporates air between the flour particles, allowing it to absorb liquid more evenly. 
  2. It standardizes the density of the flour. This allows it to be measured more accurately (measuring by weight with a kitchen scale is most precise for baking). 
  3. It ensures other dry ingredients are evenly distributed. Sifting flour together with other dry ingredients, like cocoa powder, baking powder or salt, helps to disperse them into one uniform mixture.

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