Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Probably one of the first foods eaten by man, the chestnut dates back to prehistoric times. "The Christmas Song" established it as an endearing holiday treat in 20th century America. Yet in Europe, Asia, and Africa, chestnuts often substitute for potatoes in everyday dishes. Chestnuts do add a festive flavor served straight from the oven or fireplace, but you can make use of this winter crop with a plethora of chestnut recipes, both savory and sweet.

The Jacob Bromwell Signature Chestnut Roaster is on sale during the holiday season and is truly a family tradition for the holiday season. Carefully constructed in small batches and with authentic materials, our handmade chestnut roaster provides even heat distribution to easily cook savory chestnuts over a fireplace or campfire. Chestnuts are known to have a buttery, meaty flavor, and our chestnut roaster was designed to create a nostalgic chestnut roasting experience for fun lovers of all ages. Recapture the magic of years gone by with this American classic, and start a new holiday family tradition!

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