Expensive Groomsmen Gifts | Curated by Jacob Bromwell®

Expensive Groomsmen Gifts | Curated by Jacob Bromwell®

All of your best buds are coming in for your big day! It's a day worth celebrating for sure and you're thankful for everyone taking part. You would like to show your gratitude and appreciation with a gift So now comes the hard part. What gift should you give your groomsmen? We've got some ideas for you. But if you're looking for some cheap wedding souvenirs that look like they came from a beach gift shop, this isn't the guide for you. This is a guide for expensive groomsmen gift ideas. We're talking handmade luxury flasks, heritage watches, tin cups, leather goods and more!


Man in suit holding an expensive Jacob Bromwell flask

Jacob Bromwell Pewter Flask

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Get the boys something that's worth passing down a few generations. A proper flask is a great companion for any adventure, whether it's a weekend-long camping trip in the woods or a two-hour train ride through the city. Our collection of pewter flasks are some of the best options available and they'll look great on your wedding day. We craft each one by hand using the same techniques since 1819. The timeless looks and build quality means the flasks are meant to be shared across multiple generations, just like the appreciation for the fine spirits they hold. Shop now.



Smooth tan leather card holder


Bosca Front Pocket Wallet

This one made the list because of its practical use. Everyone could use one of these quality card holders. Plus, sometimes it's necessary to have gifts that are more universal and not related to drinking, know what we mean. Shop now.


Zippo Classic Solid Copper

While a Zippo lighter isn't really breaking the bank when it comes to expensive groomsmen gifts, the price can sneak up fast with custom options. We picked this one because...yep, you guessed it...because it's copper. Copper ages beautifully, only getting better with time. This classic lighter from Zippo is no exception. Even if they don't smoke, every guy loves a zippo, they'd be lying if they said otherwise. Shop now.


Carved iPhone 14 Phone Cases

These iPhone 14 Phone cases are inspired by the beauty of our earth. They are made from wood + resin and each case is 1 of One and designed to perfectly fit and protect your phone. Shop now.


Vaer C5 Quartz Wristwatch

Vaer C5 40mm USA Quartz Watch

Every guy needs a good dress watch. This one from Vaer does much more than just look good. It's timeless, well built and just straight functional. And let's be honest, getting your groomsmen a nice watch as a gift will ensure they don't roll up wearing a smart watch for the ceremony. Shop now.

Wedding Tip: Speaking of groomsmen gifts, do you know the best time to hand these gifts out? Typical practice suggests the bride and groom give wedding party gifts during the rehearsal dinner.

Man wearning expensive american optical sunglasses in the desert sun

American Optical Original Pilot

Standard-issue for U.S. military pilots since 1958, these sunglasses vow to never go out of style. They make a comfortable pair of sunglasses for just about any face type or size. The polarized version will put you back more than $200, earning their spot on our list of expensive groomsmen gifts. But this is another example of quality exceeding expectations. You can't get a better deal with the value you're getting in return. Shop now.

 Copperhead Pocket Worn® Peach Seed Jig Bermuda Green Bone Copperhead Case Knife


Case Heritage Knife

You know the guys will love one of these. It's hard to beat a classic pocket knife and W.R. Case and Sons has made the best for a long time. It's always surprising to see how often a pocketknife can come in handy, even for those that aren't very outdoorsy. Be considerate of your groomsmen that are flying. Shop now.



Jacob Bromwell Legacy Copper Flask in the backpocket of dress pants


Jacob Bromwell Copper Flask

As an expensive groomsmen gift, this one checks all of the boxes.

Timeless. Durable. Unique. Luxurious. Notable.

Your groomsmen will always remember your big day. These flasks are also just as functional as they are classy, so you can take a few nips when no one is looking - or maybe wait until they are looking. Who are we to judge? With over 30 models to choose from, we surely have a flask for you. We offer engraving and volume discounting on bulk orders. Contact us to start a quote. Shop now.


Deluxe Dopp Kit Toiletries bag as groomsmen gifts

Portland Leather Deluxe Dopp Kit

Were we a little to stereotypical with this one? That's ok. The truth is, every guy needs a solid bag they can count on for their toiletries. Chances are one of your groomsmen carries their stuff around in a plastic bag. Let's upgrade them! While these are on the more affordable side of the list, they are a bit pricier than most hygiene bags. But these are totally worth it from a value perspective. The leather is magnificent. Shop now.


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