Day 61 of Jacob's Journey: Arrival in Cincinnati

Day 61 of Jacob's Journey: Arrival in Cincinnati

Cincinnati in 1841. Image via October 1, 1819   Land ho! Today as the boat drifted down the Ohio, away from the grassy fields and leaf blanketed forests, we suddenly got a fizzing glimpse up ahead of a bustling weave of people, dirt streets, buildings and carriages. Could it be after four weeks on the waterway we've finally reached The Queen City of the West?   First order of business is finding a boardinghouse with a stable for Pioneer until I can secure some land of my own. The second will be scouting the city streets for a suitable site for my factory. I've already named it. It will be called the The Bromwell Brush & Wire Goods Company. Catchy, no? And when there's enough supplies to be sold, I plan on peddling the wares up and down along the river to the folks who live along there.   I wished my traveling companions fair thee well and I've told Benjamin and Stogie to look for the goods company so we can trade bourbon and riddles soon. Right now, I'm looking as thin as Job's turkey, so it's time for some grub!

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