September is National Bourbon Heritage Month

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, calling for the celebration of the ‘Native Spirit’ of America — bourbon. To celebrate, all month long you'll receive a complimentary Standard Funnel when you purchase any of our copper flasks. Must add funnel to your cart to receive the discount. Can't be combined with other offers.

Why Bourbon Matters

Dating back 400 years, American Whiskey established itself as an important factor in the economic development, and cultural shaping in the history of the United States. It all started when English colonist George Thorpe filtered the first-ever batch of corn whiskey in Virginia. The founding father of our great nation, George Washington, continued this tradition of distilling and operated the largest whiskey distillery in Virginia, in the nation’s early years.

It is widely believed that Elijah Craig is the Father of Bourbon. In 1789, Craig concocted bourbon by maturing the existing corn whiskey, or moonshine, in oak barrels. Popular as this theory is, many argue that bourbon was not invented by any one person, and instead evolved over time.

Even though America’s distilling heritage started before the nation was founded, bourbon was declared as a unique product of the United States in an act of Congress in 1964. In 2007, a resolution was passed by the U.S. Senate, declaring September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. Every year, bourbon enthusiasts come together to appreciate the history, craftsmanship, and milestones of the bourbon industry.

How is bourbon different than whiskey?

Federal law states that bourbon must be produced in the United States, contain at least 51% corn, and mature in freshly charred oak barrels for at least two years.

Here's how to celebrate:

    1. Kentucky Bourbon Festival (September 16-18). We are proud to sponsor this festival every year!
    2. Experience the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
    3. Pick up a new bottle of bourbon that you haven't tried yet.
    4. Order a Jacob Bromwell® copper flask + get a free Standard Funnel

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