Day 18 of Jacob's Journey: True Grit(s)

Day 18 of Jacob's Journey: True Grit(s)

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June 8, 1819 Most modern folk think that true grit is a Western movie starring John Wayne or Jeff Bridges. But in my day, true grit meant splitting wood 'til you thought your back was going to break, making a midnight visit to the outhouse in winter, or having a bad tooth pulled--ouch! But not to fear, for there is a better kind of true grit, and that is the kind you eat! Grits are quintessentially American; they have their origins in Native American cuisine in the Southern U.S. I've heard some Native Americans refer to them as sofkee or sofkey. Today I found my way to a Pittsburgh B&B and enjoyed some of this sofkee for lunch with grated cheese, country ham and gravy. But I think most of you will like this Bobby Flay recipe from Serious Eats that features shrimp and bacon with grits--whip some up for dinner tonight, and you can thank ol' Jacob later! I'm planning on parking in Pittsburgh for some time to wave the flag here on the Fourth of July. Stay tuned for that diary entry!

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