Day 46 of Jacob's Journey: Quick as Quick Molasses Bread

Day 46 of Jacob's Journey: Quick as Quick Molasses Bread

Photo and recipe via New York Times blog September 8, 1819   A little bit about the Broadhorn we're traveling on: it's about 55 feet long and 15 feet wide, with a pen in the rear for Pioneer and a forward cabin for our fearless captain, Billy. Broadhorn flatboats are becoming more common for farmers, traders, and families moving West, so I hear. The trip is smooth and while we're all anxious to reach Cincinnati, our daily docking to grab some nourishment, supplies and grain for Pioneer is much welcomed like a ray of sunshine on a February day. Today the men and I stopped into a local tavern to feast on a supper of smoked pork, beans, collard greens and molasses bread. That bread sure hit the was belly filling, savory and just a little bit sweet. Enough to set us back on our feet and back onto the boat. If you're hankering to try molasses bread just like the kind I had, this here recipe, called Quick Molasses Bread, should do the trick. I was also inspired to design my Legendary Bread Pan on this day. With its super heat conductivity and folded corners, it's sure to turn out delicious breads, pound cakes, and more legendary creations of your own.

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