Jacob Bromwell® At the Movies

Jacob Bromwell® At the Movies

The motion picture show wasn't around when I was just starting out in the manufacturing biz, but from what I hear, it's all the buzz today -- and throughout the years, several Jacob Bromwell products have made cameos in feature films. That includes a few movies up for Oscar nominations tonight.   For example, we're pretty sure that the cups that hold the tainted coffee in Quentin Tarantino's latest Western, The Hateful Eight (pictured above) are none other than my Classic Tin Cups, shining in all their glory on the silver scene!   And in the nominated film The Revenant, which takes place in the 1800s, we spotted lots of Jacob Bromwell products such as flasks and drinking vessels.   A few years ago, when The Help was released, we noticed a very vintage Bromwell grater was spotted on the kitchen shelf in one of the scenes!   Why do so many moviemakers and prop wranglers love Jacob Bromwell products? It's because so many of our items are made the same way they were many decades ago, in some cases by the original factory equipment. They're also historically accurate, with many designs dating back to the Civil War period.   Best of luck to all of tonight's nominees, and see you at the Oscars!

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