Day 7 of Jacob's Journey: Aches and Griddlecakes

Day 7 of Jacob's Journey: Aches and Griddlecakes

Courtesy of  May 4, 1819 There is no finer traveling time than May. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the bees are a-buzzing. Unfortunately, they're also a-stinging, as my poor steed Pioneer found out today. While passing a grove of lilac trees along a farm, a big ol' bumblebee--laden with pollen--landed on Pioneer's rump. Before I had the chance to swat it away, I found myself landing--with a big TWACK in the middle of the dirt road. I was unscathed, but a little achy. The farmer and his wife who witnessed the show were kindly people. They helped me to my shaky feet and invited me into their abode (and Pioneer into a field where he recovered from his sting with a bucket of oats.) And it was in their hearth that I was treated to a stack of bacon and corn griddle cakes--the best that ever passed my lips! As the father's wife, Mary, said to me, "Mr. Bromwell, there are few things that a good bellyful of griddle cakes cannot fix." I declare Mary to be correct. Oh, a nip of the farmer's whiskey stash may have lent a helping hand as well. To try these scrumptious griddle cakes for yourself, just click here for the recipe from Next stop: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia--said to be the oldest spa in our good nation! Here's hoping for bee-free passage!

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